I Am Legend 2 is Confirmed by Will Smith.

I Am Legend was the 2007 post-apocalyptic film, which starred Will Smith, has been a fan favorite for many years.
The film is based in a world where a man-made virus has wiped out most of humanity and Robert Neville character played by Will Smith is the lone survivor in New York City.
Fans have been waiting for the sequel of the movie for decades, and now it looks like that their wait is going to be over as Will Smith confirmed the development of the I Am Legend 2.
Fans Have so eager to know how the story continues and what twists and drama film have in their container.

What We Know So Far?

Details on the film sequel are still not clear but Will Smith cleared that it will not be a prequel. It will continue the first film story.

In an interview with comicbook.com, Will smith Stated that the film is still in the development phase and we are working on the script.
He also said that the film has a completely different feel from its first film.

The Cast and Crew

Right now it is not clear who will be directing the sequel of the film but according to some reports Francis Lawrence, director of the first film will be in talk to return.
Will smith will reprise his role as Robert Neville.

The Release Date of I Am Legend 2

As the film is still in the early stage, the release date is not confirmed officially.

What to expect?

it is hard to say what fans will exactly expect from I Am Legend 2 as the film is still in the early stage.
However, it confirmed that Will Smith is coming back for his role, so fans can expect a more action-packed and full of suspenseful movie. As seeing the success of the first film fan can expect more from the sequel of the film.


Fans of I Am Legend has been eager to watch the sequel of films for many years, and it seems that their wish is finally going to be completed with the Announcement of the I Am Legend 2
We don’t know how they will continue this story further as they still working on the script but fans can be sure that this film going to thrill with their actions.
We Can not wait to see what will smith and the team have in their container for us.

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