Drishyam 2 Review: What a Direction And Acting, Heart Steller.

Movie Name: Drishyam 2
Critics Rating: 4/5
Director: Abhishek Pathak
Genre: Crime thriller
Release Date: Nov 18, 2022

The sequel to the popular movie “Drishyam,” “Drishyam 2,” began filming in February of this year, and it is now playing in theaters. Both movies, which were first produced in Malayalam, were popular. The Hindi version of “Drishyam” was likewise successful, and “Drishyam 2” is already following suit.

The compelling plot of the film “Drishyam 2” is its true star. Although the first half of the original movie seemed a little slow, director Abhishek Pathak has tightened the movie up a bit in the adaptation. The intriguing thing is that even after viewing the Malayalam version of “Drishyam 2,” the desire to watch the Hindi version lasts all the way through.

Drishyam 2 Review: What a Direction And Acting, Heart Steller.

The movie’s climax is its true heart, and seeing it time and time again despite knowing what happens is similar to knowing what vanilla ice cream tastes like and continually persuading oneself to eat more of it.

Where is the deceased person’s grave?

The murder of a police officer’s son has been made public, but his body has not yet been located. This is where the plot of the movie “Drishyam 2” begins. In order to help his son’s soul, the father intends to cremate his own body.

However, Vijay Salgaokar buried him at a location from where he cannot be taken, even with his best intentions. However, the mother has also come back. He must exact retribution on the entire family in addition to Vijay, who completed his education till class IV.

He is sitting next to another IPS officer who was a classmate of his. This policeman seemed to be more intelligent than Meera. But this situation is a bit dramatic.

Yes, each of Vijay Salgaokar’s tricks is inspired by the plot of a different movie, but this time the movie trick overshadows the film police.

Ajay Devgan Acting with His Eye

Ajay Devgan is the only actor in the cast of this movie. He also adopted Mohanlal’s form for the movie “Drishyam 2.” However, since Ajay Devgan is involved, his theater is also a multiplex and not a single theater. It means to imply that Georgekutty lacks the aura of Vijay Salgaokar.

There is now no character in Hindi films that is similar to Ajay Devgan if you want to act solely with your eyes, hence playing this role in “Drishyam 2” was actually necessary. Learn the reasons Shriya Saran doesn’t utilize her voice to its full potential in everyday moments.

Yes, she is the ideal candidate to play a fit mother of two. Both Mrinal Jadhav and Ishita Dutta are now adults. However, both were appropriate for their separate roles in the sequel’s tale.

Music of the Drishyam 2

In terms of technical quality, “Drishyam 2” has surpassed many recent Hindi movies. With his first successful film, director Abhishek Pathak appears to be reaping the rewards of assembling a strong team.

Through his camera, Sudhir Chowdhary has captured Goa from an entirely unique viewpoint. In some of the finale scenes, Goa’s splendor is unparalleled. Sandeep Francis has done an excellent job of cutting the Hindi remake’s running time by 13 minutes.

The first Hindi movie for which Devi Sri Prasad (DSP) provided all of the songs and background music is “Drishyam 2.” The song “Saath Hum Rahein” by Jubin Nautiyal is already popular.

Listen the song:

“Sath Rahe Sada” song “Drishyam2”


If You Want to watch a good film full of suspense thriller You should go for it.

You can also check out the trailer of the film here:

“Drishyam2” trailer

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