Meet the Woman Behind Tom Cruise's Biggest Hit and Aamir Khan's Film: How She Lost Rs 16,700 Crore in One Day!

By Nitin Singh

Meet Shari Redstone, the powerful Chairwoman of Paramount Global and daughter of media mogul Sumner Redstone.

Who is She?

Shari took over as Chairwoman in 2019 and has been instrumental in Paramount's recent successes.

Hollywood Legacy

Under her leadership, Paramount produced hits like "Mission Impossible 8" and "Top Gun Maverick," starring Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise's Blockbusters

She also co-produced Aamir Khan’s "Laal Singh Chaddha," further showcasing her global influence in the film industry.

Collaboration with Aamir

A massive $8 billion merger between Paramount and Skydance Media was on the cards, which drew widespread attention.

$8 Billion Merger

The merger talks fell apart, primarily due to Shari Redstone’s decision, causing a major financial fallout.

Deal Collapse

The cancellation led to a sharp 8% drop in Paramount Global’s shares, slashing the company's market value by over $650 million (Rs 5,400 crore).

Immediate Impact

Shari Redstone would have gained around $2 billion (Rs 16,700 crore) if the deal had gone through, making the decision even more impactful.

Personal Financial Loss

This high-stakes decision has significant repercussions for Paramount’s future, highlighting Redstone’s influential role and raising questions about the company's next moves.

Future Implications

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