Civil War: Alex Garland's  Masterpiece Receives Rave Reviews Ahead of Theatrical Release

By Nitin Singh

Civil War is a 2024 an Dystopian action film which is bsaed around American Civil War.

Alex Garland written and directed this film.

Kristen Dunst, Wagner Moura , Cailee Spaeny, Stephen Mckinley Henderson and Nick Offerman are in main star cast of the film.

The Plot of this film is around Struggle of a team of Journalists , who travel across the United states During second American civil War Which spread all over the Nation.

On March 14, 2014,Civil War premiere at south Southwest,Received  postive reviews.

A24 relased this film in U.S and Entertainment Film in the U.k

Critics Rated 92% this film on Rotten Tomatoes.