Angelica Ross Accuses Emma Roberts of Misgendering.

By Babita Singh

Angelica Ross revealed that Emma Roberts apologized for misgendering her on the set of American Horror Story: 1984.

Ross, who is transgender, accepted Roberts' private apology and acknowledged her willingness to do better.

During a break on set, Roberts made a joke about Ross being "mean" to her, prompting Ross to speak out about the incident.

Ross was initially hesitant to address Roberts' behavior, fearing potential consequences.

She shared her frustration, stating that she felt like she might become the problem if she spoke up.

After the incident, Ross chose to distance herself from Roberts for the remainder of AHS: 1984's production.

Ross also discussed encountering a worker on set wearing politically charged shirts, including "Build That Wall" and "I Don't Kneel."

She brought this issue to the attention of higher-ups, but it was dismissed as a matter of "free speech."

Ross expressed her concerns about the worker's attire and the response it received.

These incidents shed light on challenges and tensions within the American Horror Story: 1984 production.