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By Nitin Singh

The Season 3 finale of Ted Lasso showcased the essence of the show while also focusing on Ted's journey. Although the fate of the series is still unknown,

it is evident that Ted Lasso is about more than just one person. Let's dive into the finale's major plot points and character arcs.

The Love Triangle Takes a Turn:

A central storyline throughout the series, the love triangle between Roy Kent, Jamie Tartt, and Keeley Jones reaches a critical moment. 

Roy informs Jamie about his renewed relationship with Keeley, leading to a confrontation and an ultimatum for Keeley to choose. 

While her response remains unknown, it is clear that the triangle will continue to evolve if the show continues.

Rebecca's Decision:

Rebecca considers selling a portion or all of AFC Richmond after finding satisfaction in her revenge against her ex-husband and witnessing the team's success. 

Ted's decision to leave impacts Rebecca, reminding her of their intertwined journeys.

In a heartfelt exchange, Rebecca attempts to convince Ted to stay, but he remains steadfast. In the end, Rebecca sells 49% of the team, becoming the majority owner while involving the fans as shareholders.

Ted's Farewell and New Role:

Ted experiences a farewell tour as the team bids him goodbye with a rendition of "So Long, Farewell." His final act as Richmond's coach is allowing Nate to call a game-winning play, emphasizing Ted's impact on the club.

Ted heads back to the United States to be with his family but continues coaching in his son Henry's junior league, finding peace in his role as a coach even outside of England.

Resolving Loose Ends:

he finale ties up loose ends for various characters. Colin celebrates his win with his partner, highlighting personal growth and acceptance. Sam gets the opportunity to represent Nigeria, fulfilling a long-held dream.

Coach Beard realizes his love for Jane, leading to his decision to stay and pursue her. Roy's transformation is highlighted as he is introduced as the new head coach of Richmond, solidifying his character arc.


The Season 3 finale of Ted Lasso delivered closure to certain storylines while leaving room for further exploration.

The show's title, "The Ted Lasso Way," emphasizes the importance of teamwork and community over individual characters.

As the finale concludes, the future of the series remains uncertain, but the impact and charm of Ted Lasso will surely continue to resonate.