Taylor Swift's Mind-Blowing Hair Evolution - You Won't Believe the Transformation Over Time!

By Nitin Singh


              Long, tight curls

              Year 2007

              Dirty, dark blonde

              Year 2009

           Sleek, straight, long hair

              Year 2010

Ashy blonde, with long locks and signature bangs

              Year 2012

         Shaggy, messy layers.

              Year 2013

                  Shorter locks

              Year 2014

  side swept dirty blonde locks

              Year 2015

super short, blunt bob and blunt fringe

              Year 2016

Peroxide blonde hair for the Met Gala

              Year 2016

Long,Loose, beachy waves with her signature short fringe

              Year 2017

long warm, dirty blonde hair

              Year 2018

Lighter, blonder locks

              Year 2019

                Back to the lob          

              Year 2020

Growing, dirty and dark blonde

              Year 2021

                    Longer again

              Year 2022

                  Curtain bangs

              Year 2023