Steve Harvey Addresses Wife's Infidelity Rumors.

By Babita Singh

Social media stirred rumors about Steve Harvey's wife cheating and seeking a divorce, but the couple strongly denied these claims.

Steve Harvey offered a heartfelt and passionate defense of his wife, Marjorie Harvey, several weeks after the rumors began circulating.

In late August 2023, rumors about infidelity in Steve and Marjorie Harvey's marriage surfaced on social media.

@Keemstar, a social media user, played a significant role in starting these rumors, alleging Marjorie's involvement in infidelity.

The accusations pointed to Marjorie having an affair with their bodyguard and personal chef.

A video from the past showed Steve Harvey passionately declaring his love for Marjorie during a public appearance.

Steve Harvey humorously vowed to protect his significant other and challenged anyone who questioned his love.

False claims on Twitter even suggested that Marjorie sought a $200 million divorce settlement.

Sixteen years into their marriage, both Steve and Marjorie refuted these allegations, asserting the strength of their relationship.

Steve Harvey addressed the rumors during Atlanta's Invest Fest and assured everyone that their marriage was "fine".

while Marjorie offered wisdom on coping with false accusations through a Bible verse and a link on her Instagram page.