Kim Kardashian Rescues 'American Horror Story' Season!

By Babita  Singh

FX's "Delicate," the 12th season of "American Horror Story," features Kim Kardashian but struggles to revive the series' former glory.

Kardashian stars alongside Emma Roberts in "Delicate," a season that leans heavily on a tired "Rosemary's Baby" theme.

"Delicate" follows Hollywood starlet Anna Victoria Alcott, played by Emma Roberts, as she faces mysterious and eerie occurrences during her pregnancy journey.

Kim Kardashian's role as Anna's concerned publicist Siobhan adds a refreshing dose of humor and sharp wit to the series.

The premiere episode of "Delicate" fails to bring anything truly original to the horror genre, with lackluster performances and clichéd plot elements.

Kardashian's portrayal of Siobhan provides some of the episode's most entertaining and clever moments.

The series struggles to capture the campy potential it promises, but Kardashian stands out with her comedic timing.

Kardashian embraces her persona, delivering humorous one-liners and satirical jabs at celebrities on a late-night show within the episode.

While some jokes in the episode center around reality TV personalities, Kardashian manages to make the most of her role.

Despite the season's shortcomings, Kim Kardashian's performance is a standout, bringing much-needed humor to "Delicate."