Bobby Deol Reveals Shocking Secret About Co-Star's Breath

By Nitin Singh

Bobby Deol, known for his roles in 1990s Bollywood hits like "Gupt," recently shared a humorous anecdote from the film's set.

During the filming of the romantic song "Bechaniyaan," Bobby complained about co-star Manisha Koirala's "bad breath," attributing it to her consumption of raw onions before the scene.

In an interview with Filmfare in 2001, Bobby revealed the comical incident and how it affected their on-screen chemistry.

Bobby devised a playful plan to prank Manisha by convincing a newcomer to eat onions before a scene with her, but the joke fell flat as she remained unfazed.

Despite the comedic mishap, "Gupt" went on to become a blockbuster, solidifying Bobby Deol's status as a leading Bollywood actor of his time.

Bobby also reflected on the challenges he faced during the filming, including dancing with a broken leg, which led to the creation of iconic hand movements associated with his style.

The behind-the-scenes dynamics of "Gupt" offer insights into the camaraderie among cast members and the creative process involved in making a Bollywood classic.