7 fascinating unknown facts about Kanguva

By Nitin Singh


Suriya showcases 13 distinct looks in Kanguva, surpassing his previous record of 10 looks in Ayan (2009).

Kanguva is the second Tamil film to utilize the Alexa Super 35 camera, following Leo (2023).

A period song in Kanguva features over 1500 background artists and is choreographed by Prem Rakshith.

Scheduled for an early 2024 release, Kanguva will be presented in 3D and IMAX formats, spanning 38 languages.

Kanguva achieved a pre-release recovery of ₹400 crores, a groundbreaking feat in Tamil cinema.

Digital rights for the South Indian release were sold for ₹80 crore, while Pen Studios secured Hindi rights for ₹100 crore.

Amazon Prime Video acquired digital streaming rights for Kanguva's South Indian language versions.